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Anno 2205 Ultimate Edition Includes 7 Items: Anno 2205, 3 premium DLCs: Tundra, Orbit, Frontiers and 3 free DLCs: Wildwater Bay, Veterans, and Big Five.

Enjoy a complete Anno 2205 experience with the ultimate edition including all updates and add-on content. Develop your very own civilization on Earth, in space, and on the moon in order to stay in the race for resources and influence. In the Anno 2205 video games, you join humankind’s next step into the future with a promise for building a better tomorrow. You will need to conquer Earth and establish rich, bustling cities that also feature grand industrial complexes. However, to secure the prosperity of your people, you must also travel into space. Anno 2205 Ultimate Edition is the best way to discover human-kind’s next step into the future!


  • The Acclaimed City-Builder Reaches for the Stars
  • Colonize different continents on Earth while also establishing moon bases. Then, mine the moon’s resources in order to transform your cities on Earth into thriving metropolises.

  • Unlimited City-Building
  • Enjoy thousands of hours of accessible and challenging gameplay that will let you go beyond the story and ultimately grow large cities with thousands of buildings in them.

  • Indulgent Graphics Bring Your City to Life
  • The latest engine allows an unprecedented level of details, and now islands in ANNO 2205 can be five times bigger than in previous ANNO games.

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    03 Nov, 2015


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